Bespoke Pregnancy Studies

"A pregnant woman is a beautiful reminder of pure nature unadorned". Anonymous.

At the most precious and enchanting of times, you can commission a unique and elegant work of bespoke art.

Arthur has all the skills to ensure that your portrait is special: he has photographed many women including the Supermodel Jade Parfitt when she was pregnant with her first child - her boyfriend came to the shoot and was included in the photos. Arthur's award-winning skills with the camera and extensive work for modelling agencies and magazines means that he can deliver the very best. Commissions can take place in the privacy of your own home or in Arthur's studios (in West London or Denmark). Or there may be another venue in which you would like the shoot to take place. In many of Arthur's studies, partners or friends have come along and are most welcome. Paramount is that you enjoy the experience and that your portraits are exceptional.


"I had never posed nude before so I brought my boyfriend along for support and he ended up being in some of the photo's. It was a very comfortable and memorable shoot."
Jade Parfitt. Supermodel

"I was a little worried about how I would look naked but I ended up feeling more comfortable being pregnant and naked. I think the photos are beautiful and Arthur was great to work with."

"I simply loved it. The sittings are very private and he makes you feel so comfortable. The whole shoot was done at his home and was effortless. The photos have a timeless sensual quality about them and I am so happy I did it."

"It was worth every penny. The photos are amazing and Arthur is lovely to work with. We did the shoot in his home and as I have never shot nude before he made me feel very comfortable and not self conscious at all."